The Symbiotic

UK, London / 2018
From Maël Hénaff

How a Human / Spirulina relationship can figure out a food insecurity context?

London in 2030: City overpopulation, high demand in food, lack of infrastructures system to link farmland and cities, food scarcity and high demand in energy to conceives vertical farming, are all the causes which ask to elaborates solution to harvest alternative and sustainable source of food. The Spirulina Plantesis is a highly nutritive blue-green micro-algae granted as a ‘Superfood’, which required basic materials to harvest it at home.

This project intends to anticipate a food scarcity situation in London by providing the opportunity to build a survival machine.

In the anticipation of those upcoming conditions, environmental politics are becoming increasingly contrasted in their motivation and ethics. Among these, one is marking by the radical idea that we can use human body fluid as a source of fertiliser for the creation of a new economic and ecologic model. The principal goal is ensuring and anticipating food security with the use of organic energy. The ethos of the community embodies the idea of re-creating the contact between human and nature via a machine.