Maël Hénaff

2019 I
_Democratising Technology
_Future of Democracy

2018 I
_When the Saints go Machine
_The Symbiotic System   

In Progress I
_Deep Fake Propaganda for Social Good

_ On how technology will make us the humans we always wanted to be.

_Socio-technology:realising the social potential of emerging technologies.

_Machine Ready: “We define ourselves by the jobs we have. But do we have the right not to work?”




Maël Hénaff
Design Research

Maël Henaff is a designer-researcher based in London and currently studying MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins. His practice examines the intersection of technology, social sustainability and critical design. Through his work, Maël aims to establish and communicate different perspectives on the way we perceive technologies by developing controversial case studies and critical scenarios.